President's message

I thank you for your cooperation.
Thank you for visiting our website. I am Tadato Shiono who is the Representative President of ASAHI GODO INC. Tadao Shiono, who is the Representative Chairman of the Board, established this company and I succeeded to the Represintative President.
I am keep working on "Packing" as our theme. We aim to be a company which is required by all the companies which have business with us.
I think it is the "meaning we exist". Also, we keep work on to attempt to continue this company forever.
We want to challenge to be popular such as people say "Why ASAHI GODO!?" "Because they have EVERYTHING!"

Tadato Shiono, The Representative President.

Company name Asahi Godo Inc.
Established December 15, 1966
Representative Chairman of the Board Tadao Shiono
Representative President Tadato Shiono
Executive Officer
Tokyo Sales Office Manager Kenji Yokoyama

Tokyo Sales Office Manager
Kenji Yokoyama

Shizuoka Sales Office Manager Takahide Yamashita

Shizuoka Sales Office Manager
Takahide Yamashita

Address of Head Office 29 Butsugenji-cho, Kamitoba, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8103 JAPAN
TEL/FAX Tel: +81-75-682-2212 
Fax: +81-75-672-6113
Inland and overseas offices and factories Kyoto chemical factory
78 Morimoto-cho, Nishikujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8444 JAPAN
Tel: +81-75-682-2212  Fax: +81-75-662-5009
Kyoto packing factory
59 Daimotsu-cho, Kamitoba, Minami-ku, Kyoto 601-8121 JAPAN
Tel: +81-75-662-6642  Fax: +81-75-672-2741
Tokyo Office
7th Floor, SA Bldg, 7-2-7, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005 JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-3845-8541  Fax: +81-3-3845-8570
Shizuoka Office and factory
455, Gokahorinouchimitikita, Yaizu, Shizuoka 425-0077 JAPAN
Tel: +81-54-629-4910  Fax: +81-54-629-4913
■ Associated company
Alphalink U.S.A
・Head office
NDS IKEDA North Wing 2F,3-1-8 Jonan,Ikeda-shi,Osaka,563-0025 Japan
TEL: +81(72)752-7731  FAX: +81(72)752-7735

・Okayama Nagi Factory
380-46 Nishibara,Nagi-cho,Katsuta-gun,Okayama,708-1306 Japan
TEL: +81(868)20-1081  Fax: +81(868)20-1082
Capital JPY70,000,000 (paid-up capital 2004)
Banks The Shiga Bank,Ltd. Higashiyama Branch
The Risona Bank,Ltd. Kyoto Branch
The Kyoto Bank,Ltd. Kujo Branch
The end of fiscal period December

Company History

1966 Asahi Godo Inc. was established to sell glass bottles as our core business.
1971 Through the popularization of the use of synthetic resin, we expanded our business field resin-related products such as chemical products, Styrofoam and injection-molded, to improve and develop our business. We established a factory in Kyoto to machine and model Styrofoam and plastic products.
1983 We established our Tokyo Office.
The International Sales Department was established to import and sell new products and general sundries in response to the trends of the times.
1987 The Shizuoka Office was established.
1988 The Head Office moved to another location in Kyoto.
1990 The First and the Second Delivery Center were constructed in Kyoto in order to provide better distribution services.
1994 The capital was increased to JPY10,000,000.
1996 Alphalink U.S.A. was established in San Francisco.
We officially started to develop, import and sell the supplement materials.
We started to sell ALPHA Bottles and CRC Caps.
1998 The capital was increased to JPY30,000,000.
We started to sell ACE Bottle Series and TAMPER Caps.
2000 The Seoul Office was established to upgrade our international sales.
2001 The Shizuoka factory was established.
2002 The Kyoto packing factory was established.
2003 The Head Office moved to a new location in Kyoto.
The Tokyo Office moved to a new location in front of Ueno station and the Seoul Office moved to a new location in Seoul.
The Seoul Office was renamed to the Seoul Branch.
2004 Shizuoka Office and factory moved to another location.
The new Kyoto packing factory was constructed and the capital was increased to JPY70,000,000.
2006 Shizuoka factory was certified GMP by JHNFA.
We started to sell AIRLESS-PUMP Bottle Series.
2010 Tadao Shiono inaugurated as The Representative Chairman of the Board.
Tadato Shiono inaugurated as The Representative President.
2011 The Seoul Branch moved to another location.
We were recognized as "The Honor of Declaration Corporation" by Shimogyo tax office.
2012 We started to sell Biomass Plastics. bottle "e-Bottle".
2014 Subsidized BLANKENESE CO., LTD. which is a food maker having freeze dry processing technology.
2016 ASAHI GODO INC. 50th Anniversary.
2017 Established Okayama-Nagi Factory, BLANKENESE CO., LTD.

Established local subsidiary AK BIOLINK CO., LTD. in Seoul, South Korea.

Signed a general sales agency agreement in Japan with Korean cosmetics container manufacturer ILLUPACK CO., LTD. and started selling Korean cosmetics containers.

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